Our Services

SIA “Lējumi un Būve” is a company with many years of experience operating in the field of metalworking and sales. The company produces copper and aluminum granulates from cables and wires using the latest, highly profitable technologies and equipment that give advantages over competitors and are also environmentally friendly. The company operates a complex and high-precision Swedish production line for cable processing. All processing is carried out under the special supervision of highly specialized workers with many years of experience in this field.

Metal Scrap Trading

SIA “Lējumi un Būve” is also engaged in the purchase and sale of scrap of the following metals:
– Copper
– Bronze
– Brass
– Aluminum
– Lead

In addition to its standard products the company offers various solutions in production of non-ferrous metal products per drawings or pictures of the customer.

We offer:

  • Development of design and drawings for production of ornamental infrastructure products.
  • Production of ornamental products and lighting elements per order.
  • Production of technical castings:
    • castings under pressure: from 0.020 kg to 3.5 kg,
    • metal templates: from 0,020 kg up to 6 kg,
    • sand castings: from 0.060 kg.

Sia “Lējumi un Būve” has experience in the work and production of Pouring and Stirring MHD inductors/pumps. Including the installation of equipment. Company has
technological and physical ability to produce, maintain and customize them for certain
the needs of the client.

This technology is one of the most highly efficient of
offered on the market to improve the quality of the metal and the homogeneity of the alloy in the furnace.  

Among the advantages of this technology, we would like to point out the following:

+ Statistically, this is one of the most highly efficient solutions for melt homogeneity. As well as cost effective option for melt pouring.

+ MHD pumps are capable of operating in different operating modes (clockwise, counterclockwise, inward,
outward vortex, etc.). It is also possible to automate this process by changing modes

+ MHD Pumps do not require additional air cooling like many analogues on the market. This
makes installation easier and eliminates the need for complex ventilation structures.

+ MHD are relatively small compared to their rival technologies.