“JSA PRODUCTION” LLC is registered in Latvian Republic Commercial Register in December 1, 1993.
Company has unlimited license for purchasing ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap in Latvian Republic.
“JSA PRODUCTION” specializes in aluminium alloy ingots manufacturing by recasting aluminium scrap (raw material) using newest, highly cost-effective technologies and equipment, which have more advantages besides the competitors, as well as are friendly to the environment.
Aluminium products are used in automotive and engineering industry, constructions, city infrastructure elevation and packing materials.
The main profile of our company is aluminium alloy manufacturing for such automotive industry giants like Volkswagen, BMW, Škoda and other well-known and popular European and Asian companies. 95% of all finished products are exported to Europe and Asia.
The company offers aluminium alloys in accordance with the following chemical specifications:


The main keys to success we see in production of quality products only, as well as:

• products’ quality strict control is made at all stages of production cycle;
• we choose only verified material suppliers with huge experience in this field and good reputation;
• expert management of finance, as well as strict control for expenditures;
• periodic personnel trainings;
• technical and technological innovations monitoring in the field;
• manufacture certification against ISO international standards